Monthly Mindfulness Class

Course Summary

In this 12 Month Online Course we will be focusing on what's going right in our lives.  Our brain's job is to protect us, therefore our default thought process often leans towards the negative.  Seeing the good in the little things sadly is not the the way our brain is wired.  We have to be intentional in recognizing the joy around us.  

A positive mindset does not mean slapping a happy band aid on every negative thought we have.  Difficulties and hard times are a natural part of life and allowing ourselves to feel the emotions surrounding negative events helps us to heal.  There is no time line on healing and growth of any kind is an important part of living a healthy, wholehearted life.  

Developing and maintaining a positive mindset means we can go through hard times, have negative thoughts and emotions AND also intentionally recognize or experience joy each and every day.  It doesn't have to be one or the other.  

Benefits of Cultivating Joy

  • Studies show it can lower the risk of cardiovascular disease, lower blood pressure, and boost immunity by lowering the stress response in the body.
  • Positive emotions are closely related to greater resilience.
  • Boosts an overall satisfaction for life.
  • A joyful mindset widens our perspective, making us more likely to notice opportunities and attract more positivity in our life.
  • It just simply feels good!

What To Expect

Each class we will discuss a new inspiring topic to elevate our energy and cultivate joy.  There will be the opportunity to share (only if you wish) and connect with a lovely group of like minded souls.

You will be given journal prompts to give you the opportunity to further process the topic and personalize your experience. 

Each class will end with a relaxing guided visualization meditation to  truly embody joy.

Course Curriculum

Wendy Malko

Wendy is a certified Positive Psychology Coach, Mindfulness Facilitator and Energy Healing Practitioner.  She is also a Qualified Instructor of Mindfulness-Based Eating Awareness Training through the Mindful Eating Training Institute.  Wendy is a strong advocate for practicing mindfulness as she has seen the many benefits in her own life.  Her passion for helping others reduce stress and anxiety and create a life they love is evident in her private sessions and group workshops and classes.  


"The monthly mindfulness classes are something I look forward to with anticipation.   Wendy offers a different theme to learn about, reflect on and put into practice each month. She bases her classes on science and research. Wendy provides a safe environment for the participants to share and hold space for one another. She is skilled at putting everyone at ease and her passion for Mindfulness comes through as she leads her classes. Participating in these classes has allowed me to slow down, be present and feel the moment without judgement or interpretation.   Thank you Wendy!"    ~Monique

"This is my second year participating in Wendy's monthly mindfulness courses.  The classes are very organized.  Class participants have access to a private portal to download each month's worksheet, zoom link and can watch previous class recordings if we have missed a class.  There is also a private Facebook group. Wendy thoroughly researched her topics and she walks us through each class with joy, grace and expertise.  I look forward to each class and am looking forward to the 2023 classes"    ~Lisa

"I have enjoyed my Within classes so much this year.  You have chosen topics that I look forward to every month because they help me work on topics that touch my soul and bring peace to my heart.  It's been a personal journey of getting to know myself better, learning not to be afraid of my weaknesses and valuing the importance of loving myself.  Thank you for sharing your many talents with us Wendy!  Feeling very thankful and blessed"    ~Pat

"Thank you so much for another incredible year!  Your classes always nourish me in the most amazing ways."    ~Janet G

"I anxiously await each monthly class and look forward to meeting up with the community that is part of it.  The beautiful people involved have become friends, not just classmates.  The discussions are deep and meaningful and we are able to get REAL with one another.  Wendy is a gifted teacher who is able to share her message with love. She supports each of us in learning wherever we are."    ~Sheri

"Wendy is a kind and thoughtful teacher.  She is well prepared for each session and I always feel like a valued participant.  I enjoy the seriousness and depth of the classes as well as the lighter and practical side that Wendy encourages.  The time spent in the actual sessions is gratifying and rewarding and I come away rejuvenated and with greater insight about myself and my world.  Thanks so much Wendy. "    ~SS

Course Pricing

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